What you need to know about breast ultrasound

They say that there is always a first time for everything and when we do something for the first time it is normal that we feel nervous or worried about what is going to happen and health exams are not the exception, young women sometimes feel very nervous about her first appointment with the gynecologist or her first ultrasound, which may leave her for later but this is very dangerous since breast cancer is the most diagnosed in women and detect it in time is vital for the treatment to be more effective and the chances of improvement are greater.

But for you to be less nervous with the doctor it is good to know what to expect and what to do before and during a mammogram or a breast ultrasound. Here are some questions you should know before submitting to the test and how to prepare for this medical test.

First of all, you should know that breast ultrasound is a medical test during which images are taken in real time through sound waves or ultrasound to see inside your chest. The images that are obtained allow seeing the structure and the interior movements. It is a non-invasive analysis, which means that there are no cuts or injections.

To reassure yourself, it is not a medical test that requires many preparations, its like going to a  Dentist in Tijuana Mexico. But it is important that you avoid any type of creams, lotions, talcs in the chest area and even deodorant in the armpits since these products can alter the result of the ultrasound, In short, look freshly bathed with clean and dry skin.

You do not need to fast either, so feel free to eat normally before and after the test, of course, apart from the ultrasound, you will do a blood or other type of study then you will not.

Go to the clinic or hospital where you are going to take the medical test with comfortable clothes. Avoid going in a dress because they will ask you to undress from the waist up. You will feel more at ease if you go with pants that are comfortable for you. You can wear a bra, but you should know that they will take it off at the time of the test.

The duration of breast ultrasound changes a lot depending on whether you are going to study one breast or both. But, generally, it does not usually take much more than 10 minutes.

It is possible that the specialist will tell you what you are seeing on your ultrasound, but it will take some time to give you the final results.