Things You Should Not Do Before Going To Sleep

The dream (or the lack of it) has been a very popular topic lately. Nowadays there are quartz, home remedies, diy’s, medicines, herbal teas, homeopathic techniques, esoteric rituals and scientific #tips to sleep well and not suffer from insomnia. Because you know, if you do not sleep well, you suffer from acne, obesity, mental disorders, you will live less and you are even less intelligent. But do not worry, as long as you take care of your habits BEFORE you sleep, you should not have any problems. You can not go to sleep with dirty teeth, in addition to being dirty it will make you decay or in the long term your teeth may fall, better go with your dentist in Tijuana before suffering the consequences.

Watching TV: Watching TV before bed is part of the nighttime ritual of many Mexicans, and although it helps to make you sleepy, it actually has the opposite effect. The screen really stimulates the brain and limits the production of serotonin, a hormone that promotes good sleep. The worst of the case is that if you program your body with the need to watch TV to sleep, you could develop very complicated bad sleep habits. My recommendation is that you turn off the minimum TV one hour before sleeping.
Check your cell phone: Most of us keep the cell phone under the pillow or next to be ALWAYS communicated. And the temptation to check FB or Instagram before sleep will be great, but it is a temptation you should avoid. And is that electronic devices give off a light (especially in a dark room) that prevents the body to notice if it is night or day, thus complicating your goal of sleeping peacefully.
Discuss as a couple: For many of us, the only time we have to reconnect as a couple is at night and if there is a lot of pressure and stress lately, we are more likely to let off steam during the night. The trouble is that arguing with a partner before sleep affects the quality of sleep, as it adds tension, stress and bad feelings.
Work: Although working in bed makes you feel very productive, in reality the opposite happens. Although it may not seem like it, it gives you a reason for procrastination during the day, not to mention that associating bed with work will make insomnia worse.
Sleeping with your dog: Is it healthy to sleep with our pets? I could start a debate with this question and the answer is usually something personal. However, according to the Sleep Foundation, sleeping with a pet causes sleeping discomfort thanks to the movements of the pet, its noise and even the space it requires. In an ideal world, the pet would not cause any problems, but the truth is that it does and you do not want to admit it because you are very fond of it.