Plastic Surgery, The Pro And The Against To Enter The Operating Room

All human beings want to look good, so some people resort to plastic surgery and mommy makeover Tijuana with Molding Clinic what helps them to improve their self-esteem and that others have a better perception of you and be more pleasing to the eye.

And it is important to take into account some questions what happens when we do something that we do not like over time? or they just make us a bad operation, will it have a remedy?

Which is the most aberrant thing of bodily alterations?
The use of substances and infiltrations for volume, not compatible with the body, such as oil for industrial use and cooking, etc. Each time there are more frequent cases of this type with serious consequences

What do we understand as bodily alterations?
Any type of alteration that goes against the natural anatomy of the body and / or use of substances not compatible with the body.

What irreversible damages can happen if any alteration is badly carried out?
If we talk about anatomical alterations of the body, what can happen is that in the end we have an aesthetic deformity of the body or the region that was treated and talking about injectables not compatible with the body, the damage is that this material is introduced inside healthy tissues and although there are techniques to remove these substances do not finish completely out, being able to migrate to the kidneys and to other parts of the body, causing kidney failure and even the death of the patient.

All alteration work can be reversible or definitely not.
No, not all alteration work can be reversible, some alteration works, but there are many other jobs that can leave you with an imprint, a sequel or a deformity in the body that is irreversible

Finally, what advice do you give to people who want to alter their bodies?
My advice is that you are very sure of what you want to do and see what kind of alteration you are going to make to your body since, as stated in the previous question, not everything is reversible and you may have to live with that alteration for the rest of his life.