New Ways of Detection of breast cancer

We all know the importance of frequent checkups to prevent cancer of any kind and now the technology has progressed so that these tests or exams are increasingly simple. Technology has helped several medical industries from  dental clinics in Tijuana Mexico to pediatricians to have better instruments and provide better service.

And as always the universities are always at the forefront with new inventions, as demonstrated by the Universities of Texas and San Luis Potosí that have come together for the good of science, through the Coordination for the Innovation and Application of Science and Technology, have a list based on nanotechnology and Raman spectroscopy technique to detect breast cancer early through saliva studies, and their respective patent about to be approved, therefore they will create a company to market this product, said the high-level international researcher, a scientist at the University of Texas at San Antonio and project coordinator.

The prevention of breast cancer is an important issue worldwide since it is known to be the leading death in women. The doctor in charge of the investigation explains that this new test arises from the fact that half of women have what is known as dense breast tissue which prevents mammography from detecting tumors, and causes detection to occur only when the disease is very advanced.

The screening test for breast cancer through saliva, presents a tremendous advance, is in the process of requesting the launch of the test, which will serve to detect this disease massively, in order to avoid as much as possible the chemotherapies and thereby save many lives through early detection.

It is expected to be a technology that can save many lives, and that moves the detections through the current mammography test, a study that is totally invasive and that after being practiced several times in young women can lead to cancer.