Myths of Contraceptive Pills

The contraceptive pills are NOT dangerous. In that case, they really are what you need to be safe and healthy. If you are sexually active you not only have to know them, but they could also be your best option to avoid unwanted pregnancies … and you do not do it because you think they hurt you, when it really is not true.¬†know how to use contraceptive pills well is as good as having clean and beautiful teeth thanks to go to your dentist in Tijuana.

They make you gain weight: Some women will gain water weight by taking this type of pills. However, they will not gain more weight than that. There are women who, perhaps coincidentally, gain weight with the pill, but this usually happens because they continue to develop in their adolescence or do not take the proper care to maintain a healthy weight.

When you leave, it will be difficult to get pregnant: As soon as you stop taking the pill, you could get pregnant. This contraceptive method does not affect your fertility. If you stop taking your pills at 40 and you have a hard time having a baby, it’s because of age, not because of anything else.

You have to take them at the same time every day for it to work: It’s good that you forgot to take your pill a couple of hours, even a full day, but obviously it will not work if you skip it for a whole week.


Cause acne: In fact pills can help you eliminate acne. They will help you to reduce the levels of testosterone in your system and, therefore, reduce the chances of developing acne.

Your body needs a break from so much pill: The only reason you have to take a vacation from your contraceptive methods is if you’re looking to get pregnant, there’s no other!

They are not necessary during breastfeeding: This is a very common and completely false myth, plus it could be the culprit of many unwanted pregnancies. Breastfeeding can only suppress hormones that do not allow ovulation, so there will be less chance of getting pregnant … but still not enough to not use a contraceptive method.